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yoga + mindfulness teacher

I help people move their bodies and revive their minds. through yoga and mindfulness.

As a yoga teacher at Life Time Fitness, I regularly teach vinyasa (hot) yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, and Ashtanga yoga classes.

I also offer meditation in coaching sessions and at retreats. 


Life Coach FOR MEN

As a full-time at Coach at The Powerful Man, I help married business owners reconnect with their partners, build better relationships with their families, grow their businesses, and get out of their own way so they can live their best life.

Programs at The Powerful Man are offered online and at in-person retreats, for clients based anywhere in the world.


Get Your Goals Faster

Reclaiming your fitness? Improving your relationship? Reaching for the next level of success and happiness?  I help motivated men and women make meaningful changes in their lives.

Find Your Purpose

Does every day feel like Groundhog Day (same stuff, different day)? I help men and women reclaim their direction, meaning and passion so that every day feels like a day well lived. 

Make Movement Matter

Need some “me time?” Dial down the stress of the day, and soothe those sore and stiff muscles, with regular movement and meditation sessions. Yoga classes for all levels.

Go With A Guide

I approach coaching and mentoring from my own lived experience and the hard lessons I’ve learned – not from a course or textbook. I lead my clients through terrain that I know, because I’ve been there myself. 

Why Learn Mindfulness and Movement? 

As a certified yoga teacher, and a yoga student for 20 years, I’ve felt the positive effects of yoga and meditation in myself, and I’ve seen them help thousands of people.

Yoga is an excellent way to tie together your fitness goals with any changes to your thoughts, habits, or beliefs. Moving in this way actually helps to release old energetic patterns that have kept you feeling stuck.

Through mindfulness and yoga you will develop more awareness, patience, compassion, and forgiveness – both within yourself and for the people around you.

What’s Better: Coaching or Therapy?

 Many of my coaching clients have been through individual or couples therapy. For most of them (and for me, too) it didn’t work. In many cases, relationship therapy has actually made a relationship worse.

Therapy looks at the past: what went wrong, how we feel about it, and what we can learn from it. While this is useful in specific instances, I believe that an overt focus on the past keeps many people stuck there.

Coaching deals with where you are now, and where you want to go. I help my clients build a bridge between now and the future, with a focus on real actions that they can take each day. While some knowledge of the past is important, we don’t spend a lot of time there.


Hi, I'm Andy.

I’m an aspiring Super Dad who is mildly obsessed with yoga, sharks, and helping my clients find more meaning and less struggle in their lives.   

Having spent 20 years practicing yoga as well as educating, coaching and presenting to thousands, I now deliver classes and programs that help my clients find more freedom, fulfillment and happiness amidst the responsibilities of work and life.

I’m an English-born, South-African Canadian kid who has lived and traveled on four continents. I now raise my three kids in multicultural Toronto.


“Andy helped me balance work, family and business responsibilities while also completing graduate school.”

“Andy has an incredible knack for identifying my ‘stuck’ points and gently but firmly helping me find the right path.”

“Andy helped me drop my limitations and create an ambitious vision for myself, my family, and my work.”

Got Questions?

I hope you do! Before you decide to work with a coach to help you reach your goals, make sure you’re talking to the right person. (I might not be for you, and that’s okay!)

To help explain who I am and how I work, here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

If my family and work life are "all good," why do I need you?

Many people rate their family and work life at a solid 8-9 out of 10. When I ask them to rate themselves on fun, recreation, fitness, friends, and spiritual life… most give themselves a 5 or less.

If that hits home, ask yourself: how sustainable is that? Do you really want a life where you always come last? You can’t pour from an empty cup. I help you learn to fill up your own cup first, so that you can pour into the people who need you.

How will you help me get off the hamster wheel?

I can’t guarantee that you’ll put fewer hours into your work or your family, but I will help you find greater ease and satisfaction in those hours, while you carve out more time just for you.

I’ll help you identify the patterns of thinking that keep your mental wheels spinning – so you can feel less exhausted and overwhelmed. You’ll work toward some “self-ful” goals that will give you focus and forward movement. And regular mindful movement sessions will help you feel stronger, more energized, and mentally clear no matter what happens in your day.


What are you going to show me that I can’t find for myself online?

I’ve spent years studying leadership development and human potential, and I’ve invested thousands in courses, coaches, and trainings. As an experienced coach and course creator, I know how to put information together in a way that make sense and gets you results.

Yes, you can do it on your own – if you want no support and no accountability (the changes will come slowly, if at all).

But if you’re committed to becoming the version of yourself that you see in your mind’s eye, then you need a coach and a community to keep you on track.

This investment in yourself will pay dividends for the rest of your life… if you do the work.

Is this about finding myself? I already know who I am.

Most of us know who we are, but we can feel “lost” from time to time. If you’ve lost sight of what’s important to you, I can help you get clear and moving forward again. If you have a good handle on where you are, that’s great – but do you want to stay there, or do you want to get to the next level of fulfilment in your life? If so, I can help.

Why yoga? Isn't that just stretching for ladies?

Yoga is a 5,000 year-old philosophy for becoming fully present in your life. Having a regular yoga practice will help you become stronger, more energized, and more self-aware. It also complements most other forms of exercise. 

If you’re dealing with any health issues, check with your doctor before beginning a yoga practice.